The Victim Rights Act

Introduction As a victim, you may have experienced injury, loss, confusion and a disruption of your life. Feelings of shock, disbelief, fear, vulnerability, anger and frustration may result. Having information and an understanding about the system may be helpful to you at this time. Once a crime is reported, a person who is a victim of crime becomes part of the criminal justice system. It can be a confusing and sometimes frustrating experience. There are... Read More

Services and Resources for VRA

Victim Impact Services Colorado statutes provide that all victims of a VRA crime are entitled to complete a victim impact statement and speak at sentencing, allowing the victim to tell the judge how he or she feels about being victimized by the defendant and how the victim would like the defendant to be sentenced. Crime Victim Compensation Program When someone becomes the victim of a crime there can be many challenges, some of which may... Read More

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