What is Discovery

Discovery is the process by which the 11th Judicial District Attorney’s Office provides information, facts, documents, and other materials to defense regarding a filed case, as governed by the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure. Discovery material is submitted by law enforcement agencies or obtained during further investigation by police and the DA investigators. Discovery does not include the work product generated by the DA’s office. Discovery Requests Discovery is available on active cases to the... Read More

Instructions to Obtain Discovery

Attorneys: Discovery will be provided to the attorney of record after e-filing an entry of appearance and acceptance by the court. Your request may be filled through e-discovery or by emailing your request along with the court-filed entry of appearance to intake@da11thjd.org. Pro-se Defendants: Discovery requests must be made in person along with a valid ID and you will be required to fill out the discovery request form. Our office will notify you when discovery... Read More

Pursuant to rule 16 of the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure

Pursuant to rule 16 of the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure Discovery is provided to defense counsel or pro-se defendant in a case at no cost Replacement cost of lost media (CD, DVD, photos, etc.) is $15 each Other Charges There will be a $25 fee to obtain records pursuant to C.R.S. 24-72-306. Additional costs may be associated with any redaction or excess time on large cases. Open Records (CORA) request search fee is $25,... Read More

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