Officer Involved Shootings and Decision Letters

Colorado Revised Statute § 16-2.5-301

When a Peace Officer shoots and wounds or kills a person in the 11th Judicial District of Colorado encompassing, Fremont, Park, Custer, and Chaffee counties, a specific protocol is followed to investigate and review the case.
See Colorado Revised Statute § 16-2.5-301 for more information.

Criminal Charges Are Not Filed

If criminal charges are not filed, a decision letter is issued and made available to the public. This letter summarizes the District Attorney’s review of the shooting and is independent of any administrative investigation and review.

After the decision letter is issued the DA may make the reports of the case available to the public, pursuant to section Colorado Revised Statute § 20-1-114

Criminal Charges Are Filed

If criminal charges are filed, the case then becomes a criminal justice record and the release of information is governed by the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act.

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