Office Of The District Attorney

11th Judicial District

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Sample Content From the 13th Judicial District

Under the leadership of the Honorable District Attorney Brittny B. Lewton, our office maintains two priorities: prosecuting criminals to the fullest extent possible, and protecting the rights and interests of innocent victims.

Our Judicial District includes more than eleven thousand square miles and has just under eighty one thousand residents. We serve the People of Logan, Morgan, Yuma, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, and Kit Carson Counties. Our offices are located in Sterling and Fort Morgan and our employees are split almost evenly between the two offices. Between our two offices, there are 10 attorneys including Ms. Lewton and Chief Deputy DA Travis Sides, who primarily operates the Fort Morgan Office. We also employee 11 legal assistants, including Office Manager Jill Olsen. We also have 2 investigators, one in each office,  who work on behalf of the People in the 13th Judicial District.

Sample Content From the 9th Judicial District

The mission of the Ninth Judicial District Attorney’s Office, under the leadership of Jefferson J. Cheney, is to ensure justice is served for the victims of crime and the community, and that persons accused of crimes are treated fairly and with due process.
The District Attorney’s Office is a governmental entity committed to providing good service to people of the district. Staff of this office serves by implementing open communication and dialog with police officers, victims and witnesses, attorneys and others involved in, or affected by, the many criminal cases filed in the three counties we serve.

There are many different communities comprising the Ninth Judicial District, ranging from visitors to the playgrounds of the rich and famous locally, to residents in some of western Colorado’s areas of very rural, agricultural America. However, the common elements that all of the communities share is that this region is a beautiful place to live and work, and our communities are for the most part very safe.  Maintaining that security and supporting strong communities are the underlying goals of this District Attorney’s Office. This can be done while respecting the freedoms that we as Americans enjoy.  We hope to serve the people of the district well, and to invite anyone who has a question or problem to call our office and speak to one of the attorneys, victim witness staff members or investigators. We are all here for you.