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11th Judicial District

The 11th Judicial District is one of 22 districts that make up the Judicial Branch of the Colorado state government. Kaitlin Turner is the District Attorney currently serving as the chief law enforcement officer in the 11th Judicial District. The District Attorney's office prosecutes state misdemeanor and felony cases in court. Our office provides training opportunities for police officers and sheriff's deputies regarding legal issues in criminal justice.  We serve the People of Fremont, Chaffee, Custer, and Park Counties. Our offices are located in Canon City, Salida, and Fairplay. Between our three offices, there are 11 attorneys including DA Turner. We also employee 10 legal assistants, 5 victim advocates, a diversion director, and 2 investigators, who work on behalf of the People in the 11th... Read More

Office of the District Attorney

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The District Attorney’s Office in the 11th Judicial District serves four Colorado counties and their many communities in separate offices, located in the towns of Cañon City in Fremont County; Fairplay in Park County; Salida in Chaffee County; and Westcliffe in Custer County, Colorado.

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